JAMB Novel – The Life Changer 150 Possible Questions & Answers

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JAMB Novel – The Life Changer 150 Possible Questions And Answers

The Life Changer is the novel JAMB will be using in 2024, so you should be expecting questions from it.

In this article, I will give you some questions and answers that will likely come out in The Life Changer JAMB novel.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 1

  1. Who is Omar? – Omar is the first child of Ummi and her only son.
  2. Who is Bint? – Bint is the youngest child of Ummi.
  3. Who is Jamila? – Jamilla is Ummi’s daughter and the immediate elder sister of Bint.
  4. Who answered the Teacher’s first question? – Bint
  5. How many kids did Ummi have? – Ummi had four kids: 3 girls and a boy.
  6. What does Omar call Ummi? – He calls her Mum.
  7. Why was Omar so excited when he got home? – Omar was happy because he got admission into the university.
  8. What questions did Bint ask her teacher that made him nervous and uncomfortable? – She asked him how to say “that’s very good” in French.
  9. Which university offered Omar admission? – Ahmadu Bello University Zaria offered Omar admission.
  10. What course did Ummi’s husband study at the university? – Ummi’s husband studies Accounting at the university although he initially wanted to study Law.
  11. Why does Bint’s mom often enter her children’s bedroom without knocking on the door? – She wanted them to get used to her presence and always to ensure they maintain good hygiene by keeping their room tidy always.
  12. Who is Teemah – She is Ummi’s first daughter and also her second child.
  13. What reward was Omar expecting from his dad for his accomplishments? – Omar was hoping his dad would buy him an android smartphone.
  14. Who offered to pay for the Zobo drink? – Ummi offered to pay for the Zobo drink.
  15. What is Ummi’s occupation? – Ummi’s occupation was teaching.
  16. What was Omar JAMB’s score? – Omar scored 230 in his UTME exams.
  17. What did Omar demand his siblings refer to him as? – Omar demanded Teemah and Jamilar call him “My Learned Brother”.
  18. Who did the social studies teacher call on to help him answer Bint’s questions? – He asked the French mistress who often teaches the senior classes to help him answer Bint’s question.
  19. Who used to say “what you teach a child is like writing on a hard rock and when dried it would be difficult to erase” – Ummi’s grandmom.
  20. Why did Omar have to wait two days before checking his admission status? – Omara had to wait to go to the cyber cafe to check his admission status because he didn’t have a smartphone, unlike his friends who had checked theirs immediately using their smartphones.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 2

  1. Where did Ummi and Salma first meet? – They met at the faculty registration Office.
  2. What is Ummi’s full name? – Ummi’s full name is Ummi Ahmad.
  3. What is Ummi’s HOD’s name? – Dr Samuel Johnson is the name of Ummi’s HOD.
  4. Why did Ummi tell Omar to be careful of university girls? – Ummi cautioned her son Omar to stay clear of girls who wear revealing outfits.
  5. What was Ummi’s matric number? – Ummi’s matric number was UG0001.
  6. Why did Salma say lecturers and policemen are alike? – Salma claimed that teachers accept bribes in the same way as police officers do.
  7. Who did Ummi describe as a tall, attractive and busty lady with a fair complexion? – A lady she met in her school called Salma.
  8. What did Ummi mean by saying it was a double celebration when she was leaving for the university? – Her husband also suggested that they get married as soon as possible, in addition to the fact that she was finally attending university.
  9. Why did Ummi visit the HOD shortly after her registration? – Ummi proceeded to the HOD’s office to get her matric number after her registration.
  10. What tribe is Dr Samuel Johnson from? – Ummi’s HOD, Dr Samuel Johnson is a Yoruba man.
  11. Why was Ummi scared of young male lecturers? – Salma had warned Ummi that young male lecturers always wanted to date female students and demanded money from the guys, so she didn’t feel comfortable around them.
  12. Why was Ummi in shock when she met the HOD? – Ummi was surprised to find out her HOD was also a very young man.
  13. Why was Salma in shock moments after her discussion with a certain young man in the queue? – Salma was surprised to find out that the young man she gossiped with turned out to be the lecturer they have all been waiting for.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 3

  1. Who is referred to as BOKA? – A BOKA is a traditional medicine man.
  2. What did Ummi’s HOD do when he saw Ummi? – Dr. Sam John greeted her in a jovial manner.
  3. How did Talle lose his birth mother? – Talle’s mother passed away while giving birth to him.
  4. How many years has the current HAKIMI been in office? – The HAKIMI has been in office for over 30 years.
  5. What did Ummi describe as EMAL? – Exam Malpractice.
  6. How old was the young boy who was held captive in Talle’s house? – The boy who was held captive in Talle’s home was 13 years old.
  7. What is the name of the town where Ummi lived with her family? – Ummi and her family lived in a little town called Lafayette.
  8. What is the title given to the district head of Lafayette? – The district head in Lafayette is called the HAKIMI.
  9. Why did Talle’s parents need the help of a traditional medicine man? – Talle’s parents sought the assistance of a BOKA, a traditional medicine practitioner, because they had been married for a long time without being able to have a child.
  10. Who assisted in raising Talle as a child? – After Talle’s mother died, Talle’s father got remarried. Talle’s father and stepmother raised him.
  11. What was Talle’s occupation? – Talle worked as a driver in the Local Government office.
  12. Why did the grocer and other people feel the need to be concerned about this? – They knew Talle lived alone and couldn’t reasonably eat all the food he was frequently purchasing.
  13. Who is Zaki? – Zaki is Talle’s partner in crime, he is a suspect in a case of kidnapping and extortion.
  14. What did the police and the villagers discover when they searched Talle’s house? – The police discovered a young boy who was held captive in Talle’s house.
  15. How did the police arrest Zaki? – Zaki was arrested by the police at the point of collecting the ransom.
  16. Why did Salma get expelled from her previous university? – She was found guilty of exam malpractice.
  17. How did Zaki know about the young boy he kidnapped? – The young boy was the son of a wealthy businessman who was friends with Zaki.
  18. When summoned by the HAKIMI, what was Talle’s reason for buying more food items than usual? – Talle claimed he bought extra food items so he wouldn’t go hungry if he ran out of money, but he didn’t explain how he was able to afford that much food.
  19. Why did Talle suddenly start confessing? – Talle began to confess when he saw that the police had not only captured his partner in crime, Zaki but he had been severely tortured.
  20. What later happens to Zaki and Talle? – Zaki and Talle were sentenced to some years in prison for kidnapping and extortion.
  21. Who was said to be born with the aid of a traditional medicine man? – Talle aka the quiet one, was said to have been born with the help of a traditional medicine man.
  22. Why did Ummi ask her husband to apologize to her HOD on her behalf? – Ummi felt sorry after she was convinced that she overreacted and misunderstood a harmless situation.
  23. What did the people do when they discovered Talle’s new shopping habits? – People thought this was unusual and decided to inform the HAKIMI aka District Head.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 4

  1. How many years has Dr. Dabo been a lecturer in the university? – For more than ten years, Dr. Dabo has been giving lectures at the university.
  2. Who is Doctor Dabo? – Dabo is a lecturer at Ahmadu Bello University.
  3. How did Salma react to Dr. Dabo’s request? – Salma rebuked him for his request. She stormed out of his office after that.
  4. What car were Labaran and Habib driving? – The young men were driving a Mercedes Benz.
  5. Where is Ngozie from? – Ngozie is from Umunze, Imo State.
  6. Which of Salma’s roommates wanted to be a singer? – Tomiwa. His ambition was to become a singer.
  7. Where is Ada from? – Ada is from Benue state.
  8. How did Dr Dabo feel about Salma? – Dr. Dabo felt attracted to Salma the moment he saw her.
  9. Where is Tomiwa from? – Tomiwa is from Ibadan, Oyo state.
  10. What special delicacy did Salma introduce to her roommates? – Salma introduced a special meal called Danwake in the North.
  11. Which meal was described as all students favorite meal? – Indomie Jollof, because it was quick and easy to prepare.
  12. Why was Dr. Dabo afraid after Salma left his office? – Dr Dabo was afraid Salma might report him to the school administration, which would damage his reputation he had worked hard to build.
  13. What is the name of Salma hostel? – Salma’s hostel was called Queen Amina hall.
  14. How many girls were permitted to stay in a hostel room? – Four girls per room for each hostel.
  15. Why was Salma hostel very popular? – Salma’s hostel was famous for having the most beautiful girls on campus. The ladies often referred to themselves as “happening babes”.
  16. Describe Doctor Dabo’s reputation on campus? – Dr Dabo was known to be a strict lecturer who had good record and reputation on campus and takes punctuality very seriously.
  17. What inappropriate questions did Dr. Dabo ask Salma that made her upset? – Doctor Dabo said to Salma” | want to know you more intimately’.
  18. What special delicacy did Tomiwa offer her friends? – Tomiwa sometimes prepared snail for her roommates and they enjoyed it.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 5

  1. Who is Habib? – Habib is a wealthy politician and a member of the State House of Assembly.
  2. Who is Labaran? – Labaran is Habib’s driver and his close friend.
  3. Why was Tomiwa afraid when she got into Habib’s car? – The seating arrangement didn’t sit well with Tomiwa because she believed Habib and Labaran might easily hurt her if she was in that position. She then took a seat at the back.
  4. What time did Habib call Tomiwa’s phone that evening? – Habib called Tomiwa’s phone by 8pm that evening.
  5. Who set Tomiwa up on a blind date? – Salma, Tomiwa’s roommate set her up on a blind date.
  6. How much did Habib give Tomiwa? – Habib gave Tomiwa fifty thousand naira. He told her to take twenty thousand and give her friends ten thousand naira each.
  7. Why were Salma and her roommates admired by every girl in the school? – Other female classmates admired Salma, Ada, Ngozie, and Tomiwa because they excelled academically and stayed close friends and housemates all thorough.
  8. What was Labaran’s previous occupation? – Labaran was a local government driver.
  9. What did Salma do when Habib asked for her number? – Salma gave Habib Tomiwa’s phone number instead of her number.
  10. Why was Tomiwa scared to go out with Habib? – Tomiwa was scared that Labaran and Habib might be dangerous people and that Habib would find out that she wasn’t the girl he had previously met.
  11. What caused the argument between Salma and her roommates? – Salma became jealous because she had missed the opportunity to date a wealthy man like Habib. She then began to accuse Tomiwa of snatching Habib from her.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 6

  1. What is student magic? – Student magic is a method which students secretly use to communicate during exams without moving their lips.
  2. Why did the female invigilator instantly dislike Salma? – The female invigilator didn’t like Salma’s seductive dressing. For this reason she disliked Salma the moment she laid eyes on her.
  3. Which course was Salma’s last paper of the semester? – Moral Philosophy was Salma’s last paper during her final year exams.
  4. Why did Salma find Moral Philosophy difficult? – Salma finds Moral philosophy difficult because she never attended the class.
  5. Who is Kolawole Abdul? – Kolawole Abdul was the guy who sat next to Salma during her final exams. He is a very intelligent student.
  6. Why was Salma shocked when she saw the exam question papers? – Salma was shocked to discover that none of the questions she had anticipated were really presented. Salma was unlucky that the instructor didn’t ask his questions this time.
  7. What did the invigilator do when she caught Salma cheating? – The invigilator asked Salma to fill the Examination Malpractice Form aka EMAL and asked Kola to sign as a witness.
  8. How many students went to the HOD’s office after the exams? – Three students went to the HOD office. Salma, Kola, and the other student who also signed the witness form.
  9. What was the committee’s decision regarding Kolawole and Salma? – Salma was found guilty of examination malpractice and was expelled. Unfortunately she also implicated Kolawole Abdul and he too was expelled from the university.
  10. At what level was Salma in the university when she was caught cheating in an exam? – Salma was caught cheating in her final year in the university while writing her last paper of the semester.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 7

  1. Who took Salma to Habib’s office? – When Habib heard Salma wanted to see him so he asked Labaran to bring her to his office.
  2. What favour did Habib ask from Salma in return? – Habib asked Salma to sleep with him if she wanted him to give her the money she needed.
  3. Who is Dr. Mohammed Kabir? – Dr. Mohammed Kabir is the man who pretended to be a member of the Exams Malpractice and Ethics Committee but duped Salma of her money.
  4. Why did Salma feel implicating Kolawole was justified? – Salma wasn’t sorry fo implicating Kolawole because she believed Kola and other men in her life were always exploiting her.
  5. Who was the first person Salma told about her unfortunate situation? – Salma confided in Tomiwa, her roommate and a good friend.
  6. Why did Salma reject Habib’s suggestion of seeking help from Professor Dabo? – Salma rejected Habib’s suggestion because she previously had issues with Professor Dabo.
  7. Why did Salma visit Habib in his office? – Salma visited Habib at his office hoping he would be able to use his influence to help by saving her from expulsion.
  8. How did Salma plan to save herself from getting expelled? – Salma suggested Habib should help her speak with the Chairman of the Exams Malpractice and Ethics Committee.
  9. How much did Dr Kabir demand from Salma? – Dr. Kibir demanded a bribe of two hundred thousand naira from Salma but she declined his request and said she didn’t have that amount.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 8

  1. Who is Zaki to Honorable Habib? – Zaki is a hoodlum who commits crimes and does dirty deals for Habib.
  2. Who is Salim? – Salim is Salma’s fiance.
  3. How much did Labaran give Zaki? – Labaran gave Zaki fifty thousand naira.
  4. What is Mohammed Kabir’s occupation? – Mohammed Kabir worked as a Laboratory Technologist in the university.
  5. Which illegal deal did Zaki and Habib carryout in the past? – The kidnapping of a businessman’s son was organized by Habib. He gave money to Zaki, who later involved Talle in the arrangement. Unfortunately, their plan failed, and Zaki and Talle were both apprehended.
  6. Where did Zaki find Kabir? – Zaki trialed Kabir to a Gambling Joint.
  7. How much bribe did Habib pay to bail Zaki and Talle from police custody? – Habib paid the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira to release Zaki and Talle from police custody.
  8. Who began calling Kabir “Doctor”? – Kabir got the nickname of doctor from his HOD.
  9. What was Zaki’s other occupation? – Zaki was into the business of spare part sales and importation.
  10. Why didn’t Talle return to his village after his release? – The police blackmailed Talle never to return to his village or contact anyone he knew from there or else his case on kidnapping will be reopened.
  11. How much money did Kabir win while gambling? – Kabir won three hundred thousand naira.
  12. What is often referred to as KARTAGI? – The leader of the gambling group is called KARTAGI. He is known to be very mean and tough.
  13. What made Salma decide to change and become responsible? – The lost of her father makes Salma decided to change and become more decent.

The Life Changer Questions And Answers Chapter 9

  1. Who is Lawal? – Lawal is Salim’s friend.
  2. Who is Natasha? – Natasha is a lady who Salim met on social media.
  3. Who did Salim describe as “Princess”? – Salim described the lady he met while chatting on social media as Princess.
  4. What lesson did Ummi want her kids to learn from Salim’s story? – Ummi wanted her kids especially Omar to be aware of the dangers in owning a smartphone and the risk involved in social media.
  5. What did Salim later discover about Natasha? – Salim later discovered that Natasha was working with the robbers who often use her as bait to attract their victims.
  6. What was Salim addicted to on his new smartphone? – Salim was addicted to social media and chat applications.
  7. Why did Lawal dislike online dating? – Lawal disliked online dating because he believed people often perpetrate scams and even kidnapping through online dating.
  8. What happened when Salim went to visit Natasha? – Salim’s car was hijacked by armed robbers, fortunately he was still able to escape unhurt with his car.
  9. Why was Salim disappointed when he returned from his date? – Salim was disappointed because he discovered his date wasn’t a pretty lady rather she was just the opposite.
  10. Why didn’t Lawal agree to accompany Salim on his date? – Lawal thought it wasnt wise to follow his friend Salim to visit a complete stranger.

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