The Life Changer – Chapter One Summary & Questions

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The Life Changer Novel – Chapter One Summary

In chapter one of the JAMB Novel – The Life Changer Novel, we saw that Mallam Salihu who was Bint’s Teacher asked the class a question on how to say Good morning in French. The whole class was in total silence until Bint answered the question by saying Good morning in French is Bonjour.

But after Bint has answered the question, she then asked the teacher, how to say “very good” in French? But the teacher could not answer the question. To ensure he does not mislead the pupils by giving a wrong answer, He went out to call the French teacher who came into the class and answered the question: “Very good” in French is “C’est tres bien“. Bint looked at the French teacher in admiration.

Because the teacher could not answer Bint’s question, the Pupils surrounded her and started clapping and singing for her, they were even going around her while singing.

Bint came back from school and went to her room where she was discussing with Ummi her mom entered the room to join them in their conversation concerning what happened in school today about their teacher and the conversation got animated. Ummi after hearing from Bint said that the teacher has not done wrong because it was better for the teacher to call someone else than to give the wrong answer to the pupils, but Bint didn’t agree because the teacher claims he knows too much.

Ummi then said, what if the teacher had told you that “very good” in French is “au revoir”? Meanwhile, “au revoir” means “goodbye until we meet again” in French.
While they were still gisting and arguing, Omar came in to tell them the news of his admission. He broke the news to them that he has been given admission to study Law at Ahmadu Bello University, in the Kongo Campus.

The mom was very happy about the admission because Omar’s dad actually had the dream to study Law but it didn’t work out for him. Ummi then told Omar that his admission is THE LIFE CHANGER. This is where the author took the name of the Novel The Life Changer from. The Author of the Novel, the life changer is Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

Note The Following in Chapter One:

1. The room was hot because there was no light for two days and the generator also was bad and needed to be repaired
2. Teemah is the Zobo seller

3. Bint’s teacher could not answer bint’s question about French
4. Omar and Teemah are always cat and rat
5. Omar’s admission is a life changer.

6. Chapter One of the Life Changer Novel is full of grammar:
The Novel used so much grammar throughout the entire book, but more grammar where used in chapter one of the book. So we strongly advised all candidates to read the book with an English dictionary close, by so as to check the meaning of each grammar used, because this may come out in the JAMB examination. This is why we have listed out some words used and have also provided their meanings. do well to check it out below.

Note: You can still pass your Jamb even if you don’t read the Novel. However, you won’t score very high under the use of English because most English questions will be coming out from this novel.

Synonyms and Meaning of Words Used in Chapter One

1. Meddlesome means Obstructive, interfering, fond of meddling.
2. Didactic means intended to teach, instructive, and educational.
3. animated means Full of life, exciting, lively
4. spontaneity means the flow of the discussion
5. ululated means howl or wail as an expression of strong emotion
6. providence means fate, nemesis, destiny
7. But those belligerent sisters of yours mean hostile or aggressive sisters
8. bickering means arguing about petty, little, or trivial matters.
9. Omar turned to look balefully at me means Harmfully, badly, or malignant in intent
10. Dreary thing after another means depressingly, dull, bleak, or repetitive.
11. Immodest remark means lack of humility or indecent remark.
12. She stopped taunting him means she stopped Interrupting him
13. Empathically means emotions, feelings, or reactions
14. Intelligentsia means intellectual, highly educated, scholars, etc.
15. Chortle means laughing in a noisy or gleeful way.
16. chuckle means to laugh inwardly or quietly
17. mirthful means full of mirth, merry or amusing.
18. eavesdrop means to secretly listen to the conversation
19. surreptitiously means secretively
20. vivid means clear, realistic, authentic
21. meddlesome means interfering
22. Trepidation means Fear
23. Hesitatingly means to pause or wait in uncertainty.

The Life Changer Novel – Possible Questions and Answers in Chapter One

So many questions can be derived from chapter one of the Novel – The Life Changer. That is why we have taken our time to compile possible questions that can be drawn from the chapter with answers in the video below:

You can watch the Possible Questions and Answers in the video below:

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