2023 WAEC Data Processing Questions & Answers (Essay & OBJ)

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2023 WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers

(Essay and Objectives)

2023 WAEC Data Processing Answers: Get WAEC 2023 Data Processing Questions and answers for 2023 Paper 1 and 2 (Essay and Objectives).

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The 2023 WAEC Data Processing (Paper 1 and 2) examination took place on Wednesday, 21st June, 2023 from 9:30AM to 12:15PM (2Hour 45 Minutes).

WAEC 2023 Data Processing Questions

  1. State the functions of the following Utility Software
    a. Disk space analyzer
    b. Backup utility
    c. Register cleaner
    d. File manager
    e. Uninstaller

2ai. What is Malware in computing?
2aii. List 8 types of Malwares.

2b. Mention six effects of Malware to the computer system
2c. Mention six ways of removing Malware from a computer system

3a. Mention five group of people making use of a computer system
3bi. Mention five tools found in Corel Draw
3bii. Mention the functions of the tools in 3bi above.
3c. Mention five uses of Corel Draw

4ai. What is Fragmentation?
4aii. List four ways to avoid Fragmentation
4bi. Mention three types of Fragmentation
4bii. Mention five types of database applications

WAEC 2023 Data Processing Essay Solutions

Answer Number 1

Disk space analyzer

(i) Helps to identify files and folders that are taking up too much space on the hard drive
(ii) Provides a graphical representation of disk usage
(iii) Allows for the sorting of large files and folders by size
(iv) Facilitates the deletion of unnecessary files and folders
(v) Enables the user to free up disk space for other applications
(vi) Helps to optimize the performance of the computer by reducing unnecessary file clutter.

Backup utility

(i) Creates backup copies of data files and settings
(ii) Provides an automated backup schedule to keep the data up-to-date
(iii) Offers different types of data backups such as full differential or incremental
(iv) Ensures data security by providing encryption and password protection
(v) Allows the user to restore data from backups in case of system failure or data loss
(vi) Helps to ensure the continuity of business operations in the event of a disaster.

Register cleaner

(i) Scans the Windows Registry for errors and invalid entries
(ii) Cleans up obsolete redundant and unwanted registry entries
(iii) Helps to improve the overall performance of the computer by accelerating Windows boot-up times
(iv) Streamlines the registry system
(v) Makes system backups in case of accidental deletion of essential registry files
(vi) Prevents system crashes and maximizes the stability of the operating system.

File manager

(i) Allows for the management of files and folders on the computer
(ii) Provides a user-friendly interface for navigating and opening files
(iii) Enables the creation deletion and renaming of files and folders
(iv) Helps to organize files and folders by allowing for the creation of groups
(v) Facilitates the transfer of files and folders between different locations
(vi) Provides advanced search features to locate specific files or folders on the computer.


(i) Enables the user to remove unwanted software or applications from the computer
(ii) Helps to remove traces of the uninstalled software from the system
(iii) Can remove multiple applications at once
(iv) Provides a complete list of installed programs on the computer
(v) Ensures the complete and safe removal of software including registry entries and associated files
(vi) Helps to improve system performance by freeing up disk space that had been previously occupied by the uninstalled software.

Answer Number 2

Malware in computing is a term used to describe any malicious software that is designed to harm or exploit a computer system or its user. Malware can be in the form of viruses worms Trojans ransomware spyware adware bots and rootkits.


(i) Virus
(ii) Worm
(iii) Trojan
(iv) Ransomware
(v) Spyware
(vi) Adware
(vii) Rootkit


(i) Slow computer performance
(ii) Unexplained pop-up ads
(iii) Frequent crashes or freezes
(iv) Unusual error messages
(v) Changes to your homepage or search engine
(vi) Loss or corruption of important files


(i) Use antivirus and anti-malware software
(ii) Keep your operating system and software up-to-date with the latest security patches
(iii) Be cautious of emails from unknown senders and avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments
(iv) Use strong and unique passwords for all your accounts
(v) Backup your files regularly
(vi) Educate yourself on how to recognize and avoid malware attacks

Answer Number 3


(i) Web Designers
(ii) Graphic Designers
(iii) Artists and Illustrators
(iv) Advertising Professionals
(v) Photographers


(i) Pick tool
(ii) Shape tool
(iii) Crop tool
(iv) Text tool
(v) Eyedropper tool


(i) Pick tool:

  • To Select and move objects on the canvas.
    -To Adjust the size, rotation, and position of selected objects.

(ii) Shape tool:

-To Create and modify geometric shapes such as rectangles, ellipses, polygons, and stars.
-To Edit the nodes and curves of existing shapes to create custom designs.

(iii) Crop tool:

-To Remove unwanted parts of an image or artwork by cropping it.
-To Adjust the dimensions and aspect ratio of the cropped area.

(iv) Text tool:

  • Add and edit text in various fonts, sizes, and styles.
  • Format text with options for alignment, spacing, and effects.

(v) Eyedropper tool:

-To Sample and select colors from existing objects or images.
-To Apply the selected color to other objects or elements in the design


(i) CorelDRAW is popularly used for graphic design.
(ii) CorelDRAW provides powerful tools for creating digital illustrations.
(iii) CorelDRAW is also suitable for designing page layouts for print and digital media.
(iv) CorelDRAW offers features specifically tailored for web design and development.
(v) CorelDRAW is used for vector editing.

Answer Number 4


(i) Fragmentation refers to dividing a database into smaller pieces WHILE replication involves creating multiple copies of data to be stored on different servers.
(ii) Fragmentation is done to improve performance by reducing the amount of data that needs to be accessed WHILE replication is done to improve availability and reliability of data by creating redundant copies.
(iii) Fragmentation involves storing data in different locations WHILE replication involves storing copies of data in the same or different locations.
(iv) Fragmentation can lead to inconsistent data due to the distribution of data WHILE replication ensures consistent data by keeping copies up-to-date.
(v) Fragmentation can introduce complexity in managing data WHILE replication simplifies data management by allowing for easy backups and fail over.
(vi) Fragmentation can reduce network usage by reducing the data that needs to be transferred WHILE replication can increase network usage by creating redundant copies of data.


(i) By replicating data across multiple servers, database replication ensures increased availability of data
(ii) Replication provides an effective means for recovery of catastrophic events such as natural disasters, hardware failures, or data center outages
(iii) Multiple replicas can handle read requests, distributing the workload and reducing the burden on a single server, thereby, improving performance and ensuring that databases accommodates increasing traffic and user demands without experiencing performance bottlenecks.
(iv) Database replication allows data to be distributed across different geographical regions.
(v) Replication enables the creation of separate database instances for specific purposes, such as offline data processing or analytics


(i) Horizontal fragmentation
(ii) Vertical fragmentation
(iii) Mixed or Hybrid fragmentation


(i) MySQL
(ii) Oracle Database
(iii) Microsoft SQL Server
(iv) IBM DB2
(v) SQLite



(i) Fragmentation refers to the division of database objects or data itself into smaller pieces or fragments. WHILE Replication refers to the process of creating and maintaining multiple copies of data or database objects in different systems.

(ii) Fragmentation focuses on dividing data or objects into smaller pieces for performance and storage optimization, while replication involves creating redundant copies of data for improved availability, fault tolerance, and performance across multiple locations or systems.

(iii) Fragments of data or objects are often interconnected and rely on each other WHILE Replicated data or objects are independent of each other


(i)Replication improves data availability by distributing copies of data across multiple systems
(ii)Replication can help improve system performance by reducing the load on individual systems.
(iii)Replication provides data durability and protection against data loss.
(iv)Replication enhances fault tolerance and system reliability
(v)Replication can facilitate load balancing and scalability in distributed systems
(vi)Replication enables offline access to data or resources.


(i)Horizontal Fragmentation
(ii)Vertical Fragmentation
(iii)Hybrid Fragmentation


(i) Oracle Database
(ii) Microsoft SQL Server
(iii) PostgreSQL
(iv) IBM DB2
(v) SQLite
(vi) MariaDB



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