2024 JAMB UTME Examination Rules and Regulations

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JAMB UTME Examination Rules and Regulations

This article is all about are the “JAMB UTME Examination Rules and Regulations” it focuses on the policies provided by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for anyone who wish to write the JAMB examination.

JAMB is the University Admission Board in Nigeria and is a very strict examination board. Anyone writing the JAMB Examination must abide by its rules and regulations for examination success.

JAMB Rules And Regulations

Below are the rules and regulations set by the JAMB board, which all JAMB candidates must abide by.

Do not Write JAMB for Someone Else

For no reason should you attempt to write any examination for anybody talk more of the JAMB UTME.

If you are is unable to write the UTME examination on the specified date due to any reason, then you must notify JAMB in time so that another date will be fixed for you during the JAMB examination date or wait till next year if you can’t make this very year.

Writing JAMB UTME examination for someone else will attract a penalty of five years’ imprisonment.

Do not enter the examination hall with any electronic devices

You are not allowed to enter the examination hall with any electronic devices other than the Calculator that will be giving to you by JAMB.

Below is a list of some of the items prohibited by JAMB:

  • Mobile phone.
  • Ear piece.
  • Hand watch.
  • Earring.
  • Face Cap.
  • Pendant.
  • Nose Ring
  • Scientific calculators
  • Laptop or Palm Top.

The security agencies will have to search you thoroughly to make sure that you are not holding any of the above listed devices when entering the JAMB examination hall.

If in any case, you enter the examination hall with any of those listed devices, you are risking canceling your examination result.

Do Not Participate in any Kind of Examination Malpractice

Examination Malpractice of any kind is not allowed during the JAMB examination. The examination is pure Computer Based Test and no more paper and pencil like those days in 1990s.

Engaging in JAMB Examination Malpractice is a punishable offense. Your examination result will be canceled and you will have to undergo additional punishment depending on the kind of malpractice you were involved in.

Below are some of the Examination Malpractice acts that are forbidden in the JAMB examination hall.

Asking your fellow candidates questions during the examination,

Entering the examination hall with any electronic device or written Material other than pen

Looking at your fellow candidates’ examination system screens

Copying from an electronics device.

Do Not Arrive Late on the day of Your Examination

Latecomers are not allowed into the examination hall. You must be present during the finger print scanning, which is done before entering the examination hall. No JAMB candidate is allowed to enter the examination hall 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination.

You are supposed to be at the examination premises one hour before the examination time, because there may be a serious announcement for all candidates especially on how to use the Computer systems which coming late to the examination hall may be a great danger to you.

You Must Complete your Thumbprint

The finger printing scanner is used to validate your data in the JAMB registration, it is used to mark attendance and also used for proper identification of each candidate.

All the candidates must be present during the finger printing, because the thumb printing is the last security test you need to undergo before sitting for the examination.

Make no noise in the examination room

Noise making is not allowed in the JAMB examination hall. On no account should you make noise during the examination period or within the JAMB premises.

Noise making attracts examination malpractice, therefore it is forbidden in the examination hall.

If you wish to ask any question in the examination hall, you are free to raise your hand quietly and talk to the supervisor or invigilators in charge of the examination hall.

The above listed are the rules and regulation for all candidates. It is very easy to follow if you really want to write and pass your JAMB examination.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions concerning these JAMB rules and regulations we just listed for you above.

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