The Life Changer Leaked Questions & Answers – JAMB Novel 2024

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Life Changer Questions and Answers: The Life Changer Chapter One Likely Jamb Questions

1. What is the full name of the author of Life Changer?
Answer: Khadija Abubakar Jalli

2. Why did the mother pause to listen to their conversation?
Answer: Because there was something about the laughter that drew her attention

3. Why were the other sisters laughing very hard?
Answer: The 5-year-old younger one was telling them stories

4. She was telling her two sisters the story of her classroom encounter with their meddlesome Social Studies teacher.
Which other word can replace meddlesome as used in the novel?
Answer: Interfering

5. They were waiting for dad, why?
Answer: He is a banker, he closes by 5 pm and gets home late.

6. How old was Bint when she was narrating the story?
Answer: 5 years old.

7. How do you say Good Morning in French?”
Answer: Bonjour

8. How do you say that’s very good in French?
Answer: C’est tres bien

9. How do you say that’s very good in French, Aunty?” Bint asked reverentially.
Question: Which other word can replace reverentially as used in the passage?
Answer: Respectfully, In admiration

10. Why did the students surround Bint and started clapping and singing going around her
Answer: Because she asked a question the teacher could not answer

11. The following are the reasons the mom (Ummi) goes into their room… Ummi – (Arabic) when translated means mummy too.

1. To question them about neatness
2. To keep them company
12. Who was Bint’s elder sister?
Answer: Jamila

13. Who was the first child?
Answer: Omar (the only male)

14. Who was Bint’s Teacher?
Answer: Mallam Salihu

15. How do you say goodbye until we meet again in French?
Answer: au revoir

16. When our conversation got that animated…. Means?
Answer: Full of life, exciting, lively

17. Omar Gained admission to study at where?
Answer: Study Law at the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

18. According to Omar, what’s stopping Teemah from growing tall?
Answer: Plain Jealousy, Envy

19. What was the first question the teacher asked?
Answer: Who can tell me how to say good morning in French?

20. I found myself laughing silently. On what occasion did this happen?
Answer: Ummi laughed silently at Bint’s story; when Bint said “I got them” as they hailed her in class for asking a question that the teacher couldn’t answer.

21. Omar asked, how will admission change me? What was Ummi’s answer?
Answer: I can’t categorically tell how it will change you, but how my admission changed me. Admission can change you and change your life.

22. How did Admission change Ummi’s life
Answer: It exposed her to a lot of experiences in school, she learned to tolerate, not to judge people too early, and not to answer a question until she is asked. She also had sad and sweet experiences. Dealing with the fact that the dad wants her to marry before graduation, coping with school as a married woman.

The Life Changer Chapter Two Likely Jamb Questions and Answers

The Story of Ummi and University as a life changer.

  1. What was Salma’s Physical appearance?
    Answer: Salma was a fair-complexioned girl, tall, slim, and rather busty.
  2. What does Selma believe about Lecturers?
    Answer: University Lecturers take money from boys and ask girls on a date
  3. Why was the HOD close to Ummi
    Answer: She knows her husband very well and was even the one who worked her admission.
  4. Why were the People of Lafayette happy?
    Answer: Because their daughter Ummi was going to the University.
  5. What was the first thing that struck Ummi in school?
    Answer: The carefree attitude of University students.
  6. According to Ummi, when should you call someone dear
    Answer: Only when they mean something to you.
  7. After registration, when did Salma and Ummi meet again?
    Answer: A few months later
  8. Describe the Secretary to the HOD
    Answer: She was busy hitting at the computer, a very focused person and a woman of few words.
  9. What did Ummi and her husband conclude?
    Answer: The recalcitrant male will also misbehave irrespective of what the woman wears.
  10. What tribe and religion was the HOD, Dr Samuel Johnson.
    Answer: Christian and Yoruba Man.

The Life Changer Chapter Three Likely Questions and Answers

1. Who was the formidable boka
Answer: traditional medicine man

2. What is the real name of the quiet one?
Answer: Talle

3. Where did the quiet one hear the police syrene?
Answer: Hakimi’s house.

4. Talle was guilty of which Crimes?
Answer: kidnapping, armed robbery, and extortion.

5. How long did Talle and Zakki kidnap the little boy?
Answer: One week

6. How much did the kidnappers demand?
Answer: one million and later came down to two hundred and fifty thousand naira

7. What does EMAL stand for?
Answer: Examination Malpractice

8. What drove Salma out of the university
Answer: Examination Malpractice

9. Who was alone and had no one to consult or speak with?
Answer: Talle
10. Let your man spare me his Arabi lessons. Who made this statement?
Answer: The Policeman to the Courtier.


Life Changer Chapter Four Likely Questions and Answers

1. Who was Salma’s roommate in the Hostel?
Answer: There were four girls in the room, Salma herself from the North, Tomiwa from the West, specifically from Ibadan, Ngozi from Umunze in Imo State, and Ada from Benue State or Middle Belt as she insisted people called her place of birth.

2. Which hostel was Salma given?
Answer: Queen Amina Hall

3. Why did she not like the Hostel?
Answer: She didn’t like her roommates. She thought they will disagree with her lifestyle.

4. Who were Salma’s Roommates?
Tomiwa – Lover of music, fashion, and entertainment
Ngozi – quiet and reticent. Generous
Ada – They eat rats In their place
Salma and Tomiwa were Muslims while Ada and Ngozi were Christians

5. Which school did Salma first gain admission to?
Answer: Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

6. Who were the men in the Benz
1. Labaran
2. Habib (Car Owner, Politician, Speaker)
7. How old was Salma?
Answer: She was Barely 20 years, Not more than 20 years. She was a Teenager.

8. Who was the most disciplined lecturer in the school?
Answer: Doctor Dabo

9. Why did Salma hiss?
Answer: Doctor Dabo was not her type of man and even if the world were bereft of men, she would never agree to date Doctor Dabo.

10. Where did the men in Benz Pick Salma?
Answer: Kwagila and dropped her off at the Abu Zaria hostel.

The Life Changer Chapter Five Likely Questions and Answers

1. What time did Tomiwa’s phone ring and who picked?
Answer: 8’oclock in the morning, by Habib who gave Salma ride from Kwagila.

2. How much did Habib give to Tomiwa?
Answer: (N50,000) Ten thousand for each of your roommates and twenty thousand for you. He also bought food (soya, chicken) and provision for her to take to her hostel.

3. How did Salma’s relationship with her friends or roommates contribute to her leaving the school
Answer: She slept with Habib to get the money and also bribed the wrong person so that she doesn’t get rusticated.


The Life Changer Chapter Six Hot Questions and Answers

The following are questions that may come out from The Life Changer novel Chapter Six:
1. What was Salma’s last paper?
Answer: Moral Philosophy

2. Why was the female teacher intimidated
Answer: The ostentatious appearance of Salma

3. Which other word can replace Notes of Salvation?
Answer: Expo, Bomb, Chukwuli

4. Who gave Salma the Notes of Salvation
Answer: Kola

5. Teemah was hardly moving and breathing… Why?
Answers: She loves stories so much that she could do anything to hear one.

The Life Changer Chapter Seven Likely Jamb Questions and Answers

1. What does every lawbreaker try to do?
Answer: when caught; she tried to find ways around the rules.
2. What was the established law of EMAL?
Answer: simply pack their belongings and leave the school. Write Jamb again and seek admission.

3. What solution did Salma suggest to Tomiwa about the EMAL issue?
Answer: I was thinking of talking to Labaran to talk to Habib who would put a word for me in ears of the Committee Chairman or the Vice-Chancellor or someone higher up.

4. Who was the only one that could help Selma?
Answer: Professor Dabo.”The one she disrespected in your 100 level. He is a professor of Biological Sciences

5. Salma felt her stomach sink. On what occasion did this happen?
Answer: When she was told that it was only prof Dabo that could help her.

6. Who was the chairman of the University Ethics Committee
Answer: Name not mentioned

7. How much did Kabir Scam Salma?
Answer: N100,000

8. Why did Salma conclude that no man is worthy to be called a man excerpt for her father?
Answer: Every man that has tried to help her always demands sex. Her experience with Dr Dabo, Kola, Kabir, Habib and more.

The Life Changer Chapter Eight Likely Questions and Answers

1. Who was Mohammed Kabir
Answer: Laboratory Technologist, who disguised himself as a Doctor.

2. Why did Labaran not hand over the 300k collected from Kabir by Zaki to Habib
a. Habib was the Speaker of the house and therefore did not need such a paltry sum as three hundred thousand naira
b. he reasoned that Habib was in no position to know how much he took from Kabir, or if he collected anything at all because as a perpetual gambler, no one would expect Kabir to even have a kobo on
c. Labaran was sure that Habib did not give the money to Salma just like that.

3. Ngozi asked why Salma’s people bury their dead so hurriedly. What was her response?
a. The first is that we do not bury people. We bury corpses. As soon as a person is pronounced dead, his personality automatically ceases with his last expiry of breath.
b. We were anxious for them to get well when they were ill, but the moment they die, our anxiety ends and their own begins as creatures bound for a rendezvous with their Creator. The more the delay the more anguish that would be unleashed on the family of the bereaved.
c. funeral delay does not have advantages on anyone. It does not help the dead. The body would begin to decompose after a while.

4. According to Ngozi, they delay burials because?
1. To be sure the person is actually dead (kept In Morque)
2. To allow more people to pay their last respect
5. Why was Zaki contacted to treat Kabir?
Answer: Because he scammed Salma

The Life Changer Chapter 9 Likely Questions and Answers

A. Salim was on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Badoo, 2Go, WeChat
B. Lawal was Salim’s friend.
1. What kind of phone did Salim buy?
Answer: Samsung Galaxy Note Series and it had this wide screen that responded to a stylus touch well as the fingers of the owner.

2. What was Salim’s phone experience
1. Natasha aligned with robbers to steal his car
2. Chatting with the wrong person. My princess turned out to be a hideously unpresentable creature.
3. According to the Novel, how do Social media girls dupe guys
a. demands begin from something as menial as a recharge card for her phone
b. Then gradually you graduate into sending money to her account because she would have claimed to be in another city and she wanted to come visit.
c. she would “kill” her relations and ask you to send funeral money.
d. She lies about the location
e. She travels to visit her and she lies she is not in town, stops picking up calls or off the phone
F. Kidnappers can disguise and kidnap you

4. According to Salim, what is the standard prayer in calamity
Answer: from God, we came and unto Him is our return.
5. What was Lawal’s Favorite Programme?
Answer: Wrestling

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