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How to Score Above 300 in JAMB

Scoring High in JAMB UTME is never a big deal as it has become even more easier to score above 300 than when JAMB was paper and pencil when fake answers usually fly around. So in this article, we will be focusing on “THE SECRETS OF SCORING ABOVE 300 IN JAMB UTME EXAMINATION

I am always in great shock to see that most JAMB candidates struggle to score barely 1800 in their JAMB result. I begin to wonder why it is so, “What is so difficult about the JAMB examination that lots of students struggle with it?” From my years of experiences, I discovered that a lot of JAMB candidates are not exposed to articles that talk about how to pass JAMB and score very high up to 300 and above.

Scoring above 300 is not as difficult as most candidates think. This is why we have decided to come up with this helpful article which we titled: “THE SECRETS OF SCORING ABOVE 300 IN JAMB UTME EXAMINATION“. Below are the secrets:


1. Overcome Fear:

Fear of failure or fear of scoring low is the first thing that slows you down from achieving your aim, so fear should never be reason that will slow you down from achieving your aim.
JAMB is just an ordinary examination that does not bite nor kill anyone, so have it at the back of your mind that you can do it.

Just take the JAMB Examination it as simple as other examinations you have been writing before like WAEC, NECO and even your class terminal examinations. So JAMB shouldn’t be an exceptional, apply the same courage you applied while writing and passing other external examinations and you will definitely see a positive Outcome.

2. Set A High Target:

if you really want to score above 300 in JAMB, set a high Target. Set a high Target, work hard for it, be confident about it and you will make it.
if you’re planning on entering a course that have a cut of mark of 250, your aim should be to score More than 270, if you’re planning on entering a course that cut around 290 like medicine and surgery, pharmacy and law, you should be aiming at scoring above 300 in jamb.
set a high Target and work hard to get your target if you really want to score high in jamb

To See Factors Causing Low JAMB Score For All Candidates, Click Here.

3. Choose Your Subjects Combination Perfectly

improper subjects combination is one of the major reason students fail JAMB many times. As a student, you know what you can do and what you cannot do, you know your capabilities, you also know the subjects you can boast of and those giving you problem, if you’re planning on writing JAMB UTME, apply for those subjects that do not give you problems or difficulties, Choose the subjects you understand very well.
Don’t choose subjects due to your friends’ influence, so if you are very good in chemistry, biology and not in physics, then it is better for you to choose a medical related course than choosing an engineering course that requires Physics which gives you problems.
Before you apply for JAMB, list out your favorite Subjects and then choose course that accept the subjects you know very well as this will help you pass very well in those subject.

4. Learn Time Management:

Are you aiming at scoring as high as 300 to 400 in JAMB examination?, if yes, then learn how to properly manage your Time in the examination hall.
The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) requires only four subjects combination in the JAMB UTME, and you have only 2 hours to answers the four subjects, so you need to personally decide the Time you will spend in each of this subjects.
Perfectly managing your Time Will definitely leads to an excellent results at the end, if you are planning on scoring high in JAMB examination, you need to perfectly divided your time very well for each subject to enable you utilize your Time efficiently.

5. Test Yourself Before The Examination Date:

One of the secrets of scoring above 300 is testing yourself several times before your JAMB examination date. There is a very big need to test yourself to know your capability while you are preparing for the JAMB examination.
The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) saw this as an essential thing that should be done by candidates before going for the main JAMB examination, so they brought up JAMB mock examination for all candidates to know their examination answering capabilities.
This mock examination actually exposes candidates to some areas and topics that candidates should look into before going for the main JAMB examination.
You can also text yourself with Past JAMB Question and Answer. This test will help you to know your speed level and some areas where you still need improvement. To Access and download JAMB Past Questions for all Subjects, Click Here!.

6. Participate With Our JAMB CBT Practice Software:

With our JAMB CBT Practice software, you can bring out any examination year of your choice and answer questions in your four subjects that you have chosen, at the end, submit your answers, and see the result. The result will show you which answer is wrong and provide you with the right answers. Click Here to Download our JAMB CBT Software for free.

7. Be Ready Before The Examination:

If you are really planning to write JAMB UTME and you have registered for the JAMB, then you should be ready before the examination day. Lack of preparation is a very big enemy of any Examination success, so get yourself ready by reading and practicing. You can use our Educational YouTube Channel to practice, Click here to access our YouTube Channel.

8. Seek For Advice From Experienced Ones.

Mentorship is one of the best way to succeed in life. So if you want to succeed in your JAMB Examination and even your education journey, you need to get a mentor, seek for advice from experienced people like graduates, teachers, undergraduates, educated parents, etc. when you are planning to write a JAMB, this will help you to know the basics of the JAMB examination and also provide you a guidelines on how to score above 300.


9. Be Focus And Avoid Distraction:

Focus mainly on your study and avoid distractions. Any other things apart from reading and studying is actually distraction. If you are planning to write the JAMB examination, then you need to minimize the time you spend on other things like playing, gossiping, visitations, house chores, and many others this things that are not reading and studying.

10. Study Past JAMB Questions

if you are preparing for JAMB examination, it is very important for you to finish all the past question in the four subjects you are planning to write in JAMB.
Many JAMB candidates find it difficult to go through past JAMB questions, but the secret of scoring high in JAMB is that all the questions you will see in your JAMB examination must have appeared in the past JAMB, though they may change the questions structure. So try and go through past questions and understand everything it very well.

11. Share This Post:

Being selfish and stingy is another means of failing in JAMB examination, so if you actually found this article useful, then share it to other Whatsapp groups, your Facebook timeline or even to your fellow JAMB candidates to learn too. It does not stop you from achieving your desire JAMB score.


This article was all about the “THE SECRETS OF SCORING ABOVE 300 IN JAMB UTME EXAMINATION” it focuses on the key factors which you should focus on if you really want to score above 300 in your JAMB examination.
We know it is actually hard to pass above 300 in JAMB but if you follow all the guides in this article, you will actually score high in your JAMB examination, between 250 to 400.

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