Factors Causing Low JAMB Score For All Candidates

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Is a good thing you are here, we will be looking at the “Factors Causing Low JAMB Score For All Candidates“. Low JAMB score is usually the fear of every JAMBITE because there will be no admission with low JAMB score, so every candidate wishes for a very high JAMB score.

There are numerous factors causing low JAMB score, but we will be focusing on only the following factors:


Inadequate Preparation:

Inadequate Preparation is the major cause of failure in JAMB, You are expected to prepare very well before the examination because the JAMB examination is not an ordinary school examination like your class examinations that you write without reading and confidently sit for the examination and still get a good results.


Improper twisting of subjects:

This is another major factor that leads to failure or low JAMB score.
Some students put for a course which they can not study, you shouldn’t apply for Engineering when you don’t know anything in Physics and Mathematics.

Lack of Preparation:

Lack of preparation is a very big enemy of any Examination success, so get yourself ready by reading and practicing. You can use our Educational YouTube Channel to practice, Click here to access our YouTube Channel.

Lack Of Advice:

Find someone that have gone through those level which you are still trying to get to, like a mentor mentor or any experienced person. Seek advice and guidance from that person.

Lack of Study Plan:

It is said that, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Study plan is as important as the JAMB examination itself. You must have a schedule on when you want to ready, when you want to rest and the particular topics or subjects to read at a particular time.


Your phone can be your biggest distraction or your engagements on social media can be your biggest distraction. Sometimes, your distraction can be your environment. So try to know your distraction and deal with them as you prepare for your JAMb examination.
Reduce the time you send chating and reading posts on Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Fear and Anxiety:

Fear is the greatest enemy of man. Avoid fear, because with fear, you will achieve nothing. There is nothing to fear about the JAMB examination because the UTME is as simple as other examinations you have written and passes before.

Thinking of Cheating (Examination Malpractice):

Kindly remove your mind from examination malpractice and study hard to pass your JAMB examination because there will be no Examination malpractice on the JAMB examination date. It can make it by simple going through our complete guide on how to Pass JAMB UTME without stree. Click here to read the post.

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